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A web site devoted to novels and films that confront the social, ethical, and cultural implications of genetics. 


White Teeth (2000)
By Zadie Smith

Archie Jones and Samad Iqbal have been best friends since World War II, living and raising their families together. After a failed first marriage, Archie marries Clara Bowden, a Jamaican Jehovah’s Witness missing half her teeth. Their daughter Irie becomes a shy girl, uncomfortable with her appearance and infatuated with Samad’s son, Millat. Twins Millat and Magid are opposites from infancy; Millat is the rebel who listens to Bruce Springsteen and plays video games, and Magid is the studious son who wears ties and slacks to school. Fearful for his sons’ moral development in lax London society, but unable to afford a trip for both boys, Samad sends Magid to Bangladesh...

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