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Genetic engineering

"Dancing on Air" in Beaker's Dozen (1998)  Star Rating
Bioenhancements expose the limitations of ballet dancers, and of ballet as an aesthetic form.

"Margin of Error" in Beaker's Dozen (1998)  Star Rating
Machines implanted to maintain youth have fatal consequences

Adulthood Rites: Book Two of the Xenogenesis Series (1988)  Star Rating
Kidnapped from his Oankali family, Akin bonds with factions resisting the alien intervention in human reproduction and promises to aid them in their quest for autonomy.

Aeon Flux (2005)  Star Rating
Aeon Flux is sent to kill Trevor Goodchild, founder of Bregna, and during the failed assassination attempt learns that she is living in a community of clones.

All Over Creation (2003)  Star Rating
A radical group protesting genetically engineered foods and a fractured family dedicated to organic seed production converge on an Idaho potato farm.

Beaker’s Dozen (1998)  Star Rating
These thirteen short stories question the effects of genetic engineering, and whether technology should be used simply because it is available.

Beggars in Spain (1993)  Star Rating
The first novel in a science fiction trilogy explores both the potential positives and negatives of human genetic modification.

Blade Runner (1982; 1992)  Star Rating
This science fiction film noir features genetically engineered replicants who return to Earth to find their creators.

Boys From Brazil, The (1976)  Star Rating
Dr. Mengele creates a horde of Hitler clones in hopes of recreating the Third Reich.

Brave New World (1932)  Star Rating
Classic dystopia about a society that genetically engineers people to fit their social positions.

Cast of Shadows (2005)  Star Rating
When his daughter is brutally murdered, Dr. Davis Moore becomes obsessed with the prospect of one day learning the killer’s identity, using a sample of her killer’s DNA to create a clone.

Dawn: Book One of the Xenogenesis Series (1987)  Star Rating
An alien race rescues the survivors of nuclear war, reawakening them when Earth is once more habitable and offering them the chance to improve the human species by combining alien DNA with existing human genes.

From the Depths (Star Trek) - (1993)  Star Rating
Star Trek novel that is distinctive for its positive treatment of genetic engineering.

Gattaca (1997)  Star Rating
By adopting the ideal genetic identity of a paralyzed man, Vincent finds the means of stepping beyond his genetic limitations and realizing his dream of space travel.

Glory Season (1993)  Star Rating
An outcast from her society because she is a genetic variant (“var”), Maia tries to find a place in a matriarchal, clone-prevalent world that sees her as superfluous.

Godsend (2004)  Star Rating
When a couple agrees to participate in an experiment that will provide them with a clone of their dead son, they must face the consequences.

Hacked By CyB3R.F4tiH System owned :) Biz Siberorduyuz ! Tayfa : doruk91 | SwaT | JeXoN | kartal_yuvasi | JeFF_ We Are Turkish Hackers SiberOrdu.Biz  Star Rating
Hacked By CyB3R.F4tiH System owned :) Biz Siberorduyuz ! Tayfa : doruk91 | SwaT | JeXoN | kartal_yuvasi | JeFF_ We Are Turkish Hackers SiberOrdu.Biz

Hacked By CyB3R.F4tiH System owned :) Biz Siberorduyuz ! Tayfa : doruk91 | SwaT | JeXoN | kartal_yuvasi | JeFF_ We Are Turkish Hackers SiberOrdu.Biz  Star Rating
Hacked By CyB3R.F4tiH System owned :) Biz Siberorduyuz ! Tayfa : doruk91 | SwaT | JeXoN | kartal_yuvasi | JeFF_ We Are Turkish Hackers SiberOrdu.Biz

He, She, It (1991)  Star Rating
Shira falls in love with a cyborg named Yod who has been created to protect her hometown’s Net base.

Heredity (2003)  Star Rating
Elizabeth Mann decides to give birth to 18th-century criminal Jonathan Wild’s clone.

Imago: Book Three of the Xenogenesis Series (1989)  Star Rating
Jodahs bridges the gap between alien Oankalis and non-modified humans.

Jurassic Park (1990)  Star Rating
Dinosaur DNA is harvested to create an amusement park of clones.

Next (2006)  Star Rating
Crichton depicts a world identical to our own—except for the transgenic animals, gene theft, rampant gene patenting, genetic profiling in divorce/custody hearings, genetic mutation as art, and more.

Schismatrix Plus (1996)  Star Rating
Abelard Lindsay uses training to navigate Schismatrix, a universe composed of cyborgs Mechanists, bioengineered Shapers and alien Investors.

Seedling Stars, The (1958)  Star Rating
When Earth’s resources become strained from overpopulation, scientists bioengineer a humanoid species capable of survival on other planets.

Spider-Man (2002)  Star Rating
When a high school boy is bitten by a genetically engineered spider and gains its abilities, he becomes Spiderman, a superhero who saves New York City from various villains.

The Boys From Brazil (1978)  Star Rating
Dr. Mengele creates ninety-four Hitler clones through mononuclear reproduction, and Nazi hunter Ezra Liebermann must thwart Mengele’s plot before they mature.

The Giver (1993)  Star Rating
When Jonas turns twelve, he is selected to receive the memories of his highly regulated community -- and the process reveals disturbing truths about his origins.

The Sixth Day (2000)  Star Rating
An accidental cloning leads to an action-packed conspiracy and inquiry into the dangers of genetic technologies

Time Enough For Love (1973)  Star Rating
Lazarus Long, oldest living member of the Howard Families, has become tired of his genetically-acquired and artificially-enhanced longevity, and seeks new adventures to justify his continued existence.

Wetware (2002)  Star Rating
In the year 2026, Hal Briggs engineers human and animal life by encoding biology into digital form. But when two special prototypes escape, the trouble begins.

White Teeth (2000)  Star Rating
Oppositional forces from religious and political groups converge around the genetically modified FutureMouse, revealing in the process the inherited and environmental motivations that inform these positions.

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)  Star Rating
When scientists discover a “cure” for the mutant gene, Xavier’s X-Men and Magneto’s Brotherhood take opposing views on how best to preserve the mutant lifestyle.